I am not certain this is the correct way to blog, but I will try.  Just finished updating my resume for Week 8 class assignment.  I finished the simulation on Thursday which took an enormous amount of time.  It is a good program and one I wish we had used throughout the master’s program.  Some may disagree and that is ok.  It really made you think about who and how your decisions really affect others.  You cannot, I repeat cannot, jump to your own conclusions and should get the entire story before making a decision.

This is my last required class!!!  Of course, I have two electives and I am actually DONE!!!  I was thinking of a doctorate program, but I am tired of school.  No, No, No, No more!

It is Saturday and the sun is shining.  No homework this weekend!!  I think I will enjoy myself for once!!

Have a great weekend everyone!



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